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We all try to eat our fill of carbohydrates, fats and proteins on a daily basis to keep our bodies energized. Carbohydrates deliver sugars to our body however, if you eat complex carbohydrates, such as those in bread, they quickly release a large amount of sugars to the body. The body is not always able to absorb all of the carbohydrates that are consumed therefore, they are then stored as fat within the body. Too much body fat is dangerous for your health as you can develop diseases such as heart disease, diabetes as well as clogged arteries which can lead to fatal heart attacks and strokes. This is why we have to prevent that from happening the best we can in any way we can to reduce the chance of this happening to someone. There are also simple carbohydrates as well. Simple carbohydrates also provide our bodies with sugars, but here the body can simply process them and not be stored as fat.


Almost all diets are based on the principle of eating high protein foods. By eating protein you can quickly feel full and satiated as they are slowly processed and absorbed by the body. Proteins also ensure that your muscle cells quickly recover after physical activity. Another important function of protein is tissue and skin cell restoration. The amino acids in protein help to ensure that skin cells continue to get renewed and revitalized, so eating protein is very healthy and extremely important to incorporate into your everyday diet routine.

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